This practice test covers every topic that may show up on test 2, and the problems here should be considered at least as challenging as those that will appear on test 2. practice-test (pdf)

We watched a Frontline (PBS) documentary called Climate of Doubt.

Test 1 is scheduled for Friday, February 22. The following is a list of topics to be studied. Remember that the test questions will come largely from the homework, either directly or (more likely) modified slightly.

  • Review the feedback loop problems (1.1 and 1.3).
  • Know percentages and percent change (1.2).
  • Edison’s algorithm and how it relates to problem solving.
  • The sum of integers from 1 to n, for whatever n.
  • I will ask something about filter bubbles, but I’m not sure what yet. This will most likely be a more conceptual and less computational question. So, be prepared with what we have covered on that topic (e.g., North Korea).
  • Truth values, from 0 to 1.
  • Factorization of integers.
  • Combinations/choices (nCr) and permutations (nPr).
  • Logs, exponents, and systems like the Richter scale.
  • Fibonacci numbers, Pascal’s triangle, binomial theorem.

My office hours for the semester will be as follows.

M: 9-9:50, W: 11-11:50, F: 1-1:50

If you need to meet at another time, especially on MWF, I’m generally available and you should email me.

The syllabus for the class can be found here: math2380-s2013-syllabus