Test 1 is scheduled for Friday, February 22. The following is a list of topics to be studied. Remember that the test questions will come largely from the homework, either directly or (more likely) modified slightly.

  • Review the feedback loop problems (1.1 and 1.3).
  • Know percentages and percent change (1.2).
  • Edison’s algorithm and how it relates to problem solving.
  • The sum of integers from 1 to n, for whatever n.
  • I will ask something about filter bubbles, but I’m not sure what yet. This will most likely be a more conceptual and less computational question. So, be prepared with what we have covered on that topic (e.g., North Korea).
  • Truth values, from 0 to 1.
  • Factorization of integers.
  • Combinations/choices (nCr) and permutations (nPr).
  • Logs, exponents, and systems like the Richter scale.
  • Fibonacci numbers, Pascal’s triangle, binomial theorem.

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