We finished the basic algebra review from Friday (see the link from Friday’s class) and also finished the discussion of permutations and combinations.

We also discussed the video that was assigned as homework, finishing our discussion about filters and filter bubbles.

We’re finishing chapter 1 and in class I asked you to prepare for Wednesday by considering the following as it relates to the “end of cheap oil” in the United States. The following image has been posted and shared throughout Facebook and Google+.

I asked you to find evidence that backs this up, or refutes it, or offers more information that may help explain a broader situation. The point here is relatively straightforward: make a rational argument and back it up. I’m not really looking for political arguments so much, but you’re welcome to make them so long as you feel they’re well-founded. (We’ll come back to this in a future class and I’ll explain why this is important.)


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