Read all of chapter 15, if you haven’t already.

Read the several part article “Mathematics and the Genome

Read all of chapter 7 in the text.

Read chapter 6 in the text, at the very least through and including 6.3.

Read chapter 11 of the text, up through and including 11.7.

Read Chapter 16 in the text.

Finish chapter 1 in the text.

For Friday, January 25, read sections 1.4 (Fuzzy Logic, Filters, the Bigger Picture), 1.5 (Consequences of the Crime: Suburbia’s Topology), and 1.6 (A Toxic Consequence of the Crime) and be prepared to discuss them.

For Friday, please read the following section and be prepared to discuss it. (The section is short. You don’t need to read the exercises.)

  • Section 1.3 – Edison’s Algorithm: Listening to Nature’s Feedback

For Wednesday, January 16, please read the following sections and be prepared to discuss them:

  • 1.1: One of the Greatest Crimes of the 20th Century
  • 1.2: Feedback