Text: Calculus, by Hughes-Hallet et. al. (Wiley), 5th edition.


Calculator: A TI-83, equivalent, or better is required.

Webwork: You can access your online homework at http://webwork.colorado.edu. However, before you access you homework, you must sign up for WebWork at
  • You need to use your first name and last name. If you do not fill out the signup form properly you will receive a zero on you webwork grade at the end of the semester.
  • You also need to put in your section number properly. Our section is 003.
  • If you change sections it is your responsibility to notify your new instructor and ask them to change your section number.
  • It is very important that you use your CU student login. Failure to do this may result in inability to access the system.

Undergraduate Mathematics Center: You may seek assistance with your math questons at the Undergraduate Mathematics Resource Center, which will open Monday, August 22 at 9AM, and thereafter will be open (on school days only) Monday–Thursday 9AM-5PM, and Friday 9AM-2PM, in MATH175. You may request help from any tutor in the center.

Requirements and Grading

Midterms: You will have three midterm exams, each worth 10% of your grade. These will be at 5:15-6:45PM on the following days:

September 14, October 12, and November 9.

If you miss a midterm exam and do not have a valid excuse, you will receive a zero for that exam grade. If you do have a valid excuse, we will compute your course grade from the rest of the data we have; that is, you will not be penalized for missing the exam. (A not from a doctor is considered a valid excuse, as we as a note from the Office of the Dean of Students.)

You will also have a final exam worth 30% of your course grade.

Homework: Written homework and WebWork will each count 15% toward your course grade. Typically, there will be one WebWork assignment and one or two written problems for each section covered in the book. The written assignments, typically due on Friday at 2PM at my office will require that solutions be written in complete English, with correct grammar and spelling.

WebWork assignments will open the day the corresponding material is lectured on in class. You will have two class periods to complete the assignment. That is, material that is covered in lecture on Wednesday is essentially due on Friday night (early Saturday morning) and material covered in lecture on Friday is essentially due on Monday night (early Tuesday morning).

Recitation Quizzes: There will be one in-class group quiz to be completed during each recitation. Your recitations are held in ECCR133 on Tuesdays at 11:00-11:50. Your recitation quiz grade is worth 10% of your course grade. When less than 2/3 of class is present, we will have a quiz in class and this quiz will be worked in to your recitation quiz grade.


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